Hip-Hop 101

Before "Hip-Hop" dance became the choreographed and organized it was labeled "Street Dance". Although an art form, it was rarely recognized as such by the dance community. It wasn't until artists such as Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson and JLo introduced formal training to these street styles, added choreography, lines and counts, and birthed the hip-hop dance style we have come to know and love. Now hip-hop is recognized and honored as a style of dance by all. 

This class will explore the many different styles of Hip-Hop dance current and retro, from NY to Cali. Making sure to pay homage to the old dances that started it all: The running man, Roger Rabbit, Whop...to name a few and of course we will give the kids what they really want and perform their favorites like; The Quan, Whip & Nae-Nae, Dab (old now LOL!) all the other fun and funky styles.